Monday, September 13, 2010

The Flying Spaghetti Monster

Funny title?  Funny character too.
But it was created for something serious.  It's the icon of a scientific argument, if only you can see through it.

The Flying spaghetti monster (popular as the FSM), created (rather discovered, as the creator puts it) in 2005 has become an internet phenomenon in quite a short time, that it has a website of its own, and millions of followers all over the world. I stumbled upon the FSM in a book I was reading lately and I was eager to know more about it. I searched wiki the next day and I landed on a page with the title 'The Flying Spaghetti Monster'. There's everything with wiki,  but you see only what you look for. I'm sure most have not read or known about the FSM till now. The description on wiki is pretty elaborate with proper references, hence reliable. You might want to read it :

In Jan 2005, agitated at the plans of the state board of education of Kansas, USA,  to introduce the teaching of intelligent design along with the that of evolution in science textbooks , Bobby Henderson, a 25 year old physics  graduate sent an open letter to the board, stating that he and a few people around him  have come to believe that the world was created by an invisible and all-powerful 'Flying Spaghetti Monster', and that this version of 'intelligent design' be also be given equal time in science classes.  You can read the letter here :!

Henderson later published the letter on his site,and the Flying Spaghetti Monster became famous on the internet in no time. Henderson later with the help of others, wrote the book 'Gospel of the flying Monster', in which describes in detail about the religion of the FSM, which he calls 'Pastafarianism'. It is the funniest book i have ever read.

By this concept, what he was trying to convey was that religion can never pose as science. The idea of a 'invisible, untouchable, all powerful being' can be fulfilled by anything like the FSM. There is another 'unicorn' theory. The existence of an imaginary being can never be proved wrong. That doesn't hold that it is true. It is indeed difficult for mankind to know the exact events behind the origin of life on earth, because most of the evidences get destroyed in the course of time. We are lucky to have a few precious ones. The available evidences leave lot of gaps. That doesn't mean that those  gaps can be filled in by the introduction of an 'supernatural, invisible' CREATOR out of nowhere!!  As long as there is a 'natural' and 'possible' theory of evolution into which the evidences neatly fit in, a 'supernatural' theory of 'intelligent design' is not needed.

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  1. Friend,why do you think people believe in a supernatural being? While you were 5yr old,which would've helped u better-thinking that your dad had some superpower or thinking that your dad was just some normal human being (no offence) ? Maybe people get somethin better if they think of supernaturals helping them or blessing them!!

  2. You made a point about the 5 yr old boy!
    BUt it is sad that i grew up now and learned a lot to realise that my father is no superpower. I grew up a little more, may be.
    I guess you have have realised the same, but stopped growing from then on. May be you can take your hands off the steering wheel and hope for a god to save yourself, For me, It is just impossible to 'believe' in something that i'm sure does not exist. I can't even if I try!!

    Does this supernatural need a place in science textbooks?

  3. You grew up? I would disagree...else why would u cry 'i grew up' when i use an analogy of a 5yr old child.the 'id' in a person would always be childish. Flying spaghetti monster issue was regarding whether to incorporate religious studies into scientific texts.even a theist would disagree to that. But even the most modern scientist agrees that the act of prayer has proven biological,if you want those benefits or not,depends on you. The epilogue is that the atheists spend more time than theists thinking of the both of us

  4. You speak like a psychologist/psychiatrist - id and all. Me and everyone around me thinks i grew up. may be i did not. anyways, does that make a difference? your different opinion on my growth? so lets leave it.

    You say Theists disagree to include religion in science textbooks??? then who wants to? Atheists??!!! Definitely the 'very religious people' are little apprehensive about the teaching of evolution in schools, cos thier children might start to think and begin to defy the 'intelligent design' theory, and question the existence of God unless they are constantly reminded of God at sunday schools/religious classes.

    FSM was created at a certain context, but has evolved as a religion against religion. It is 'bang on the heads' for theists who pretend to be very scientific and try to 'scientifically prove' the existence of GOD! You cant criticize FSM without criticizing your own GOD because it is just a GOD as any other's, only better which you will realise when you learn it. I suggest you read the "Gospel of the Flying spaghetti monster' !! Henderson is a prophet.

    Praying must have got benefits, i don't argue with that. That's the effect of a firm false belief that someone is there above to save us all. The effect is psychological and i dont think it is much of a benefit. It has only PLACEBO effect.(I hope u are related to medical student/doctor, u will understand Placebo better) If you firmly believe in the FSM, he will also help you. Even a face on the wall can help, if you believe it has 'powers'. nothing more. But the effects of praying will be tremendously cancelled out by the "evils" of religion. shall I list them? i hope u know them. So don't hang on to the BIOLOGICAL BENEFITS of praying. It might make an argument, but both of us know that is not what you are praying for. If you are praying to get the 'biological
    benefits',and u know it, then u are not actually praying!!

    and meanwhile you are right in saying i think a lot about religion these days... about how to eradicate this evil, thats killing hundreds.. !!!

  5. psychological benefits of praying does count for those who believe as long as it remains a personal affair, i think.When it gets institutionalized, when culture and religion becomes synonyms wrongly, when polit(r)ics try to exploit these institutions for mutual benefits then there is something really wrong..


  7. Have faith in thy FSM...his noodliness wil grace upon ya...

  8. Thank you for introducing this new all powerful creator .. I had some fun time.. :D