Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Some of my own arguments

Why are there so many religions?
Why are there so many differences between different religions? Why was the holy bible written in another language and the Quran in another? Why did god make them dissimilar in content? Why did he preach ideas that would eventually cause people to fight each other?
Doesn't this clearly indicate that the Holy bible, Qur'an, Gita and all were creations of humans, however great they may be.
Why is the new religion not reaching people?
Muslims believe that Qur'an is the newest message of god, the revised edition u can call it.
Why would God want to make a new religion when religions already existed on earth? Did he go wrong in his older one? How could God possibly go wrong?
All kept aside, if he sincerely wanted people to follow his newer religion, he could have easily done it. Then why are people still following old religions? He can surely see that his new message is not reaching enough numbers. why is the great GOD not doing something ???

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