Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Some atheistic arguments

Argument from EVIL (AE)

1. God is omni-benevolent, that his love for humans has no limits.

2. God is omni potent, that he can do anything to cause fewer sufferings on earth, at least for those who believe and worship god.

If god wants, and he is capable, why is it not happening?

Why is there so much evil and suffering on earth.??!

1. As it can be seen, the earth is a very dangerous place to live on. Volcanoes, earthquakes, floods, storms, tsunami, …. Why did god create the earth so? Couldn’t he have made it a safer, quieter place ?

2. Why did he create the bacteria, virus, snakes and other dangerous living beings that cause harm and suffering to us?

3. Couldn’t god have done anything to stop the two world wars that killed thousands of innocent civilians? Why was Hitler born if God already knew that he would grow up to kill thousands of Jews?

4. Why do some people become psychopaths and murder innocent people when God is there above, watching all this?

Is it that God starts them on his own, deliberately to punish the humans?.. or is it that he is unable to control some other forces which create this havoc on earth? But God is all-powerful. So it must be that he does them deliberately… , But why?

Possible explanations –

1. They happen to those who sin

Definitely NOT. Hundreds of worshippers are killed in natural disasters like earth quakes… Jews were massacred in the world war. why are believers killed then?

2. God wants to control population?

Then why doesn’t he accept easier and acceptable method’s like reducing fertility among women or so… (Instead religions encourage having max children.)

3. God wants it that way. ?

Does he enjoy torturing humans? Then how is god loving us? Is there other ways of doing it?

The Argument from Non-believers. (ANB)

One of the strongest atheistic arguments.

The argument, in its simplest form, goes like this –

(The original is a lot more complex and logical, beating every possible counter-argument)

1. God wants every person to believe that god exists. (the teaching says, and u cannot refute that)

2. God is all powerful - that nothing can stop him from bringing about such a situation.

Combining both the above statements it must happen that every person on earth believes in the existence of God. But this is not happening. There are billions of non-believers on the planet and the numbers are growing. ! Thus the existence of God is disproved. (So simple!!)

What God could have done –

· Direct implantation of belief into minds (like in the case of Adam and Eve.)

· Include belief in genetic material, so that every person automatically believes in god right from birth.

· Performing miracles – like a thunderous voice from the sky or sky writing or something else.

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